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“The practical content was spectacular, exercises that made us learn by doing, we did learn a lot, apart the theory that he explained, we all participated, we laughed, and learned. You can not ask for more from this great teacher!!”

“So far it has been the teacher I liked better, for his enthusiasm, his knowledge and his way of teaching.”

“Brilliant, the teacher who has best combined academic principles with real practical examples.”

“Very good, both professionally and personally. The best teacher I ever had in the master so far. He should give us more classes.”

 “By far, the best session of the whole course, vibrant, dynamic, very participative and with pace” 

“The best teacher of the course, without a doubt.”

 “When a subject, regardless of its appeal, is taught with enthusiasm, it is transmitted. Even in a Saturday afternoon he kept our attention. He is a fantastic speaker and the content is great, far above expectations offered by the title of session.

These are a few comments from professionals that participated in my classes (specialization and postgraduate courses) in Spain, which reflect my style as a lecturer and facilitator in workshops. 

In the last 10 years I have spoken and lectured for professionals and students at business schools (Spain and Brazil), and at executive events regularly. Companies for whom I have led training sessions: Renfe, Philips, Lafarge, Renfe (Spanish railway company), Airbus, Petrobras, Sonangol (Angola oil company), Digitel (Venezuela´s telecom company). 

 My conferences, workshops and lectures are characterized by a style that creates immediate participation from the audience and gets to the point: learning by thinking and learning by doing. It helps that I have a diversified professional and personal experience acquired  in three continents, 14 countries, in the last 20 years, but I also like to combine practical knowledge with sound theoretical background as well. 

 This video gives an example of my presentations: the masterclass in ESIC / ICEMD on online crisis management. In the evaluation conducted by this renowned business school in Madrid with the 49 attendees, 100% said they would recommend me as a speaker.

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