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This is my third blog. My first one was about communication and marketing in general (2008-2011), my second blog was focused on reputation and crisis management and its relation with social media (2011-2014). When I thought it was time to return to blog, I didn´t want to be confined to a theme so specific such as crisis management and social media (though it is one of my core competences): I wanted something broader – ma non troppo!  

Assessing my professional and academic experiences, I found out that a common theme was INNOVATION. In many situations I was involved in innovative projects, and I consider myself an innovator in my personal life, too. I was a pioneer in the Internet business in Brazil, in social media in Spain, and I believe I am a very creative professional who knows how to come up with new ideas, sell, and embed them. So I decided that my blog would focus on the new frontiers of thinking (with practical examples, of course) in the field I have been working for almost three decades: marketing, branding, corporate communications and reputation management. I would like to share and discuss here the new challenges – and solutions – in these areas and provide my personal perspective. I hope you enjoy it and give me your feedback at cvc@carlosvictorcosta.com.


Carlos in a nutshell:

  • I have been working with marketing and communication since 1987, both in the client side and agency side, and always in large organisations. From intern at Shell, freelancer for IBM, to executive at huge organisations such as Petrobras, Dell and Praxair, I´ve noticed how corporations struggle in this thin line of tradition and innovation.  I also worked for agencies and consultancies such as MillwardBrown Vermeer, Ogilvy, Reputation Institute, and Llorente&Cuenca (a leading Spanish PR company), and the projects I worked for different clients presented me many situations where our clients needed fresh approaches for their usual (or new) problems.
  • I have an interesting experience as independent consultant and as lecturer for business schools which exposed me to a solid theoretical background in this area. I led training for companies such as Philips, Lafarge, Repsol, Petrobras, or Airbus in the areas of social media, e-business, and change management, for example. All this happened in three continents (Europe, North America and South America), since I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Austin (US), Madrid, and most recently, London.
  • In many cases these companies or their clients faced some market challenges that were key for their growth, or eventually some crises that affected their reputation, which were also a turning point in their history. It´s fascinating what a big company does in order to survive: they usually innovate. The ones how carry out these innovations better, through change management initiatives, new strategies, etc. have a higher chance to overcome their life-threatening obstacles.
  • It is worth mentioning that the combination of practical experience and academic interest led me to finish a PhD thesis in the area of social media, branding and crisis management in Spain. Digital is an area that I have been working since the beginning of the commercial Internet, around 1996, and I was one of the pioneers in this area in Spain, more specifically in the field of online reputation management. Digital is, of course, a major driving force that helps companies in their innovation efforts.
  • Since 2005, I have started a parallel career in academia, teaching at prestigious business schools in Brazil, a path that I followed as well in Spain, through my regular collaborations from 2010-2015 with ESIC Marketing & Business School, more specifically with ICEMD- Institute of Digital Economy, where I was the first lecturer on online reputation management.


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