My PhD thesis on social media, branding and crisis management is finished- and I´m back!

It took more than I expected, but it´s done!

It took more than I expected, but it´s done!

Since 2008, I´ve been blogging regularly, but I had to park this activity for more than one year due to my relocation to London, many activities at work, and due my PhD thesis. This blog was one of the first in the world to focus on the subject of online crisis management (which, not accidentally, it´s the one of the subjects of my thesis), but now that I´ve finished the thesis, and I´m back. Some changes will happen in the blog´s content from now on, and I hope it for the better.

What this thesis is all about? It is mainly about how social media can empower consumer and other stakeholders´ resistance, especially social movements,  creating reputational risks and crises caused or amplified by online social networks and its repertoire of confrontation.

Organizations must be concerned about these crises (or “paracrises” as some authors prefer), and their reputation and legitimacy due to the evolution of the concept of surveillance society. Companies of all kinds are subject of higher public scrutiny by social networks whose members have a strong distrust in corporate discourse and can build and share a counterdiscourse. Through their actions on the Internet, social networking operatives make organizations more publically vulnerable by exposing the contradictions of the corporate rhetoric and creating antagonistic frames for the organizational discourse.

The thesis addresses a paradigmatic case study that took place in Spain with a large bank and its major advertising campaign which aired in 2011 during the global financial crisis. Through the analysis of messages dispersed via Twitter during the campaign period, empirical evidence shows how corporate discourse can be deconstructed by social media users when a company does not take into consideration the shared cognitive capital of the message recipients and the social context in which the organization operates.

Well, in a nutshell, this is what the thesis is all about. But it took me five years and 500 hundred pages to make it happen.

So, stay connected, and I´ll promise you it will be fun the blog´s new phase and, hopefully, useful too! Thanks for your support.

3 Responses to “My PhD thesis on social media, branding and crisis management is finished- and I´m back!

  • Tengo ganas de leerla!! Felicidades por terminar el trabajo!


    • Carlos Victor Costa
      2 years ago

      ¡Gracias, Belén! En breve (posiblemente noviembre o enero) estará disponible, antes, necesito defenderla ; )

    • Carlos Victor Costa
      2 years ago

      ¡Gracias, Belén! El día 26.11 la defiendo en la Complutense, y después podrá leerla. Un saludo

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